Biopipe was founded by a group of passionate entrepreneurs whose mission was to develop the world's first biological wastewater treatment that does not produce sludge.

Biopipe, a patented and one-of-a-kind wastewater treatment system, is "inspired by nature," and treats wastewater biologically without any chemicals in a series of pipes.

Biopipe was established in 2014 and is rapidly emerging as a disruptor in the decentralized (onsite) sewage wastewater treatment industry. After years of R&D, we have developed a biomimetic process that is versatile, fully automated, self-contained, sustainable, eco-friendly, highly efficient and extremely cost effective.

Biopipe is internationally protected with patents and since its introduction, it has been very well-received and widely acknowledged with a global installed base. Biopipe plants are delivered to customers as pre-assembled or plug and play units. In addition to providing superior technology, Biopipe prides itself for outstanding customer service and technical assistance.

Our History

  1. 2011-2012

    Research and development process begins.

    "Enes Kutluca, the inventor of Biopipe, started all this with a simple dream of making wastewater treatment simple, affordable and as close as possible to the way nature processes sewage wastewater. The initial single module proof of concept was successfully completed and Environmental Technologies, Inc. is established in Istanbul, Turkey."


  2. 2013

    In order to globalize the technology, Biopipe AG in Zurich, Switzerland and Biopipe TR in Istanbul, Turkey are established and intellectual property is transferred from Environmental Technologies, Inc.

    This move, along with securing a number of significant projects in Turkey, helped give the biological wastewater treatment startup its early traction. The technology is commercialized as Biopipe!

  3. 2015

    Established Biopipe DMCC in Dubai, UAE to enter the MENA (Middle East North Africa) market.

    The success continued and Biopipe was acclaimed as one of the most innovative technologies in sewage wastewater treatment and won several international recognitions.

  4. 2016

    Biopipe entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with UAE-based Metito Overseas Limited to expand further in the MENA market.

    The agreement was terminated in 2019.

  5. 2019

    Biopipe Global Corp, a United States of America corporation acquired all the assets of Biopipe Global AG and Biopipe TR.

    Biopipe has now expanded its footprint with presence in Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, South Africa, Ethiopia and the United States

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Max Khan


Max began his career as a financial consultant in 1987 and founded Alliance Global Finance in 1992, which specializes in corporate finance and investment banking. He served as Director, President and CEO of publicly listed PowrCor Inc. until June 2014. He has raised in excess of $400,000,000 and remains engaged in several private equity investments. Max owned FINRA registered broker deal Thor Capital LLC from April 2011 through May 2013. He is currently a managing director of Kazue Global Limited, with headquarters in Tokyo. Kazue focuses on strategic infrastructure investments in Asia. Max received his BA in Accounting and Economics from the City University of New York, and his MBA from Pace University, also in New York. Max now devotes 95% of his time to Biopipe.

Enes Kutluca
Founder, CEO


Enes Kutluca is the founder and inventor of Biopipe technology. He began R&D in his second year at Bahcesehir University with the support of the Turkish Government. Enes was chosen as the best business plan in TUGIAD, best entrepreneur in Turkey by Gep-Turkey, and most successful young in Turkey in aspects of environmental leadership by JCI - TOYP in 2012. He has attended many international programs, including International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) by the U.S. Department of State in 2013. Enes, who won several competitions, is now focussed on R&D to continue improving Biopipe and expand its use in treating many other types of effluents.

Tanmay Pawale


Tanmay brings over 9 years of experience to the techno-commercial domain with experience in Project Management, Business Development and Consulting in the clean tech sector. He also has extensive experience in research, advisory, and consultancy in sectors such as renewable energy, energy management, rural development, climate change, and sustainability. Tanmay is a capable team player with effective team leading and management skills coupled with strong communications and interpersonal skills. Tanmay is a mechanical engineer with M.Tech in Rural Development and also possesses a Masters in Engineering Management from NTU, UK with Entrepreneurship and Project Management as a major subject of study. Tanmay is passionate about Green Project Management, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Social entrepreneurship and deep sea fishing. Tanmay is a director of Bpipe Corporation Philippines and others.

Freddie Canta
SVP, Country Head, Philippines


Freddie is a finance and operations leader with over 20 years of experience in managing global operations. He has numerous accomplishments in leading financial operations, driving complex international projects, conversions and programs, implementing/upgrading accounting systems, creating timely and effective financial reports, managing internal audits and conducting effective financial analysis. He currently serves as a Director of, an online platform for training courses and learning events. He occupied COO, CFO and Director roles in Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC subsidiaries e.g Institutional Investor and ISI Emerging Markets Group, and Euromoney (Asia) over the last 20 years up until September 2018.

Nina Aquino


Nina Aquino is a trained Filipino-American Architect from California with over 8 years of experience leading teams of engineers, designers and consultants in the Hospitality Sector for companies such as renowned London-based hospitality giant Soho House & Chipotle Mexican Grill. She served as Project Architect at Soho House, overseeing project teams to plan, design, budget and execute: members only clubs, spas and hotels. At Chipotle, working under both the Chief Development Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, she was instrumental in the fast launch of a new, modularized design. Within the U.S. Northeast market & Europe, she partnered with internal Marketing teams to deploy the company's strong brand messaging. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University in New York.

Social Impact

The Noble Laureate, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said it best: "Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water." According to IWA, around 80% of all wastewater is discharged into the world's waterways where it creates health, environmental and climate-related hazards. With water stress rising across the globe, the solution is to recycle wastewater and increase the efficiency of water use in agriculture. Billions of dollars are spent on water infrastructure, but little on recycling technologies. Biopipe sewage waste wastewater treatment system offers a new and unique solution for decentralized treatment, which eliminates the need for capital-intensive, municipal treatment systems. We squarely address the intersectionality of sustainable waste water management and economic development.

Save the future, save the world!




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