Biotech Innovations

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, BioTech Innovations is engaged in introducing cost effective disruptive technologies/products through foreign partnerships to solve multiple socio-environmental issues that involve water, energy, air, and sewage in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh aims to become a middle-income country by 2021, the Government is determined to improve the environmental indicators. BioTech Innovations believes the most effective way to help Bangladesh achieve its environmental goals is by partnering and introducing disruptive technologies through its vast global network established across three continents. Biopipe is the flagship product and now the default onsite STP for all government projects in Bangladesh.

  Md. Mooktadir Alam Nadir

Abrimix (Pty) Ltd.

Abrimix markets has developed a patented, affordable, highly efficient and cost-effective technology for treating all types of industrial wastewater. Abrimix is able to design, build and install tailormade treatment processes that are specific to a particular client's influent wastewater. The company's treatment process efficiently separates solids and is able to produce reusable or dischargeable effluent. The company has a dozen plants currently operating in Africa. The partnership allows Abrimix to market Biopipe in water-stressed South Africa and Biopipe is taking Abrimix into all its markets.

  Jeroen Rietveld
  Pieter Jansen

Biopipe Europe

Silverglen Group is the authorized distributor of Biopipe for Europe.

Silverglen Group S.L.U is an international firm based in Andorra. It specializes in business advice and consultancy services for companies looking to introduce their products in Europe and other countries. Silverglen Group is founded by professionals with more than twenty-five years of experience and has successfully introduced products in several countries. The Iberian peninsula which includes Spain and Portugal is water stressed and we are excited to introduce the green Biopipe STP into these countries and Andorra first.

  Daniel Zinghini

BPipe Corporation

BPipe Corporation has been established with the core mission of preventing water pollution by introducing revolutionary eco-friendly technologies for wastewater treatment. In the Philippines, only about 10%-15% of wastewater is treated while 58% of the groundwater is contaminated and only 5% of the total population is connected to a sewer network. A vast majority of toilets are connected to septic tanks. Waterborne diseases remain a severe public health concern in the country.

  Nina Aquino
  Jong Ferma

Biopipe Ethiopia

Biopipe Ethiopia is engaged in delivering sustainable, eco-friendly and cost effective wastewater treatment solutions in Ethiopia. 62 million Ethiopians lack access to safe water and in rural Ethiopia many women and children walk more than three hours to collect water, often from shallow wells or unprotected ponds they share with animals. Recurring droughts result in famine, food shortages, and water-related diseases, as people are forced to rely heavily on contaminated or stagnant water sources. Biopipe Ethiopia vision is to become the leader in decentralized wastewater treatment and help mitigate water shortage through recycling and reuse.

  Tesfaye Tedla