Biopipe STP, unlike all other conventional sewage wastewater treatment systems, produces NO SLUDGE, NO ODOR, NO SOUND AND NO WASTE.

Biopipe's versatility is demonstrated by installations in tight spaces, elevated structures, rooftops, basements and by its scalability from a residential unit to a unit for a small town. Power consumption is reduced by use of venturis for air intake instead of blowers. With regular backwash of the cartridge filter, Biopipe STP will continue operating efficiently for years.

Secretariat Residential Complex

The Biopipe system is placed in the basement and the system treats black water efficiently.

Uttara Affordable Housing

The Biopipe system is placed on the top of the wastewater collection tank

Sharjah, Municipality

Dubai Electricity and water authority

The Biopipe system was used a catalyst to get LEED platinum rating

Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia

Biopipe system as a containerized solution

Ankara Municipality

The Biopipe System is placed on the Rooftop

Narkoy Ecologic Hotel

Treatment of domestic wastewater in hotel

Tarakli Thermal Hotel & Project

The Biopipe system of 350m3/day placed in the basement of Hotel to treat the wastewater generated.

Hampton by Hilton - Zeytinburnu Istanbul

Treatment of domestic wastewater in hotel