Biopipe Global Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Purecycle Inovatif to Establish a Joint Venture to Market 100% Sludge Free Biological Sewage Wastewater Treatment Systems in Turkey

24th September 2020


Biopipe Global,has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pure cycle Inovatif to set up a 50-50 equity joint venture in Turkey. Purecycle is engaged in waste management and sustainable environmental development with particular focus on innovative technologies. Biopipe will initially work with municipalities to install its wastewater treatment systems in parks and villages before targeting the private sector. Purecycle already has an agreement to install Biopipe in Turkey’s 3rd largest city, and expects to add two more municipalities in the near future.

According to Damla Demirel, founder of Purecycle, "Turkey will likely be facing water shortages by 2030 and approximately 21% of the population remains unconnected to central sewerage networks. Water recycling and reuse is becoming critical. Working with Enes [CEO of Biopipe Global], we have developed a strong interest in Biopipe from municipalities that are dissatisfied with their current systems and packaged systems, in general. Biopipe already has proven itself in Turkey and the municipalities are attracted by the low footprint, low maintenance and reusability of wastewater. One of the municipalities, upon completion of a three-month trial, intends to deploy Biopipe in parks and villages that are impossible to connect to sewerage network. It is certainly an exciting opportunity.”

Enes Kutluca, CEO of Biopipe commented, "Turkey is where it all started for Biopipe and we now have a partner to pursue the onsite sewage wastewater treatment segment. It has been a pleasure working with the Purecycle team over the past few months despitethat challenges created by the pandemic. I am pleased to report that Biopipe has been enthusiastically embraced by the mayors and water authorities we have met. We have full EPC capacity in Turkey so we anticipate it will be fast and easy to design, engineer and install Biopipe plants. With our remote monitoring capabilities, maintenance can be carried out from a central office. We are looking forward to installing the first plant fairly quickly and deepen our engagement with Purecycle.”

About Biopipe
Biopipe Global has developed a patented 100% sludge-free, chemical-free, odor-free, silent, easy to assemble and install, scalable, low cost, ecological and virtually maintenance-free onsite sewage wastewater treatment system. It treats both grey and black water. The treated water exceeds EU and all local standards for discharge and can be reused for irrigation, flushing and cleaning.

About Purecycle
Purecycle offers solutions to government and private sectors for sustainable environment and development since 2017 in Turkey. Purecycle’s main area of work are Social Entrepreneurship Model, Circular Economy and Zero Waste Management, Sustainable Environment (Energy and Water) Management, Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Awareness and Education, Studies Fundraising (from EU and Different Donors) and Project Management, Project Development Among Our Stakeholders (NGO - Private Sector - Local Government), Capacity Building Governance Projects with Local Government and Civil Society Organizations and Prestige Management and Brand Value Increase in Environmental Responsibility.

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